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BETA International 2016

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Sweeping Changes for Equestrian Industry!


With the all NEW Gorilla Broom® Complete System for Stable Yards premiering at BETA International 2016

Gorilla Broom® The trusted stable management system.

The originators of Tubtrugs®, Faulks & Cox Ltd. have developed and added to their super-successful Gorilla Broom.®

“The Gorilla Broom has been a fantastic part of our range and so we decided to expand the concept out to cover all the situations that occur in and around stable yards”, says Chris Birch, Sales Manager at FCL.

“The two stiff bristle brushes have built-in scraper blades for hard-to-shift lumps, an anti-clog gap which also cuts down on flying dust, and the new deep-set handle is the toughest on the market with a choice of four coloured tips. Solid plastic makes sure the heads don’t crack in the wet or lose their bristles. The head and shaft are of space –age aluminium colour which has proved really popular as it looks so professional.

The Gorilla Broom® range boasts a sturdy, improved design, with steel core and a weather resistant hard wearing plastic coating. Available in four popular colours, Pink, Pistachio, Purple and Yellow. All in all there are six styles including a rubber bristle brush with squeegee and a stiff bristle hand brush,” adds Chris.

“Gorilla Brooms® are fulfilling a need for a sensible quality approach to the multiple cleaning situations arising in the equestrian market” says Dean Cox, MD. “The whole range of broom heads plus handles can be displayed effectively and profitably on our Profit Pack™ stands which take little room of the shop floor. Header cards are provided and make picking a suitable brush easy and even pleasurable!

In the same way Tubtrugs® have dominated the equestrian market, Gorilla Brooms® are set to define the brush market and create a profitable trading environment for years to come.”

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The Line-up

The Grafter – A firm favourite

50cm-classicScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.12.10


The 50cm head features an integrated scraper blade, and anti-clog channel, wide 50cm reach, long hard bristles. It’ll shift almost anything! Perfect for the yard.

The Rough-one – Save bending, scrub standing up!


The Poly Yard Scrubber is packed full of short tough bristles, and gives all the benefits of a scrubbing brush, without the bending!

The Little Brother – Smaller, but equally as mean!


Like its big brother the 50cm, the 30cm broom head boasts an anti-clog channel, and integrated scraper blade, its just smaller, but equally as mean!  Brilliant for smaller areas and indoors.

The Finisher – A classic improvedpoly-yard-brush

With its flared hard bristles, and lightweight narrow profile the the Poly Yard broom means you can reach every nook and cranny of the stable, horse box and yard!

The Slick One – Even fine dirt can’t escape!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.12.36



Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.11.11

The Rubber Scrubber shifts liquids, loose hair and even fine dirt. The rubber construction means cleaning vehicles, hard floors, and glass surfaces without leaving a scratch.

The Pint-Size – Mini but Mighty!tough-brushWork brush web

With short hard bristles, and a rounded design the hand held Work Brush is ideal for brushing off dried on dirt in small spaces.

50cm Equine Close up

The 50cm Broom Head

Sweeping up the bedding with minimal effort

Poly Yard Equine

The Poly Yard Broom

Tidying every nook & cranny of the stable

Rubber Scrubber Equine

The Rubber Scrubber

Cleaning up the yard

30cm equine 3

The 30cm Broom Head

Keeping the stable spik & span

Work Brush Mud

The Work Brush

Cleaning off the stable yard muck

NEW POS designs for 2016

With improved product lines, comes evolved merchandisers.

Brooms can be tricky to display and sell effectively, but the newly designed Gorilla Broom® POS is minimum fuss for the modern retailer. The all-in-one structure holds an impressive 18 x 147cm coloured handles, and 18 x 50cm broom heads.

Free-standing, the structure saves valuable shelf space, uses minimal floor space, and effectively displays the Gorilla Broom® stock in an easy to access design under the Gorilla Broom® header card.


Gorilla Broom 50cm Box


Tubtrugs® Shovel

The colourful and lightweight alternative to the traditional shovel

Tubtrugs Shovel Range web                                  30cm and shovel equine

Available in Pink, Sky Blue, Pistachio, Grey, Purple and red, the Tubtrugs Shovel® is sure to bring big colour to cleaning up the yard.

Engineered from one piece of durable Polypropylene, the shovel is non sparking, and virtually indestructible. Made to the same high standards as the Tubtrugs® Flexible range, the Tubtrugs® Shovel is light weight, UV Ray resistant, Frost resistant, food grade, and most importantly pet safe.

With its wide blade to shift more with minimal effort, customers will wonder why they ever used anything else.

tubtrugs creations WEB 72dpi

Stand out in the Stable Yard

Introducing the all NEW Tubtrugs® Creations range, brand NEW for 2016

Launching in 2016 the Limited Edition Tubtrugs® Creations come in two unique colour palettes. Jelly Bean and Bath Stone.

Made from the same flexible and lightweight material as the original Tubtrugs® Flexible range, the Creations are sure to be a winner for both at home and at the stable. Featuring the same food grade, UV and Frost Resistant qualities as the flagship range, the Tubtrugs® Creations are perfect for use outdoors, and with the horses.

Jelly bean webthumb_IMG_6830_1024

Jelly Bean

Inspired by our Equine customers love for colour we created the Jelly Bean Tubtrug®. Each Tub is truly unique, so customers can be assured of owning a one-off Limited Edition Tubtrug® that will outshine any competitors tubs in the yard.

Stone webTubtrugs creations bath stone web

Bath Stone

Created with a classic colour palette in mind, the Bath Stone Tubtrugs® emulate the naturally occurring patina of Bath Stone. Made to compliment their natural surroundings they work perfectly outdoors, and like the main Tubtrugs Flexible range they are lightweight, UV and Frost resistant and super flexible.

wm-faulks-logo Six prong fork6 prong close up

Wm.Faulks launches 6 prong multi-purpose fork for 2016

“The 6 prong doubles up as a muck fork and shavings fork in one tool.  Made from strong and  lightweight tubular steel, the “T” handle is aesthetically pleasing but really functional. Perfect for muck, leaves, compost, chippings etc. The reaction from retailers at BETA was very positive!” said Chris Birch

Tubtrugs Creations

FCL. A truly international company

Established in 1981 Faulks & Cox Ltd. customers have come to expect quick turnaround times, expert customer service, quality products and international offices in Europe S.L., the USA and the UK. With established distribution in over thirty countries, Faulks & Cox Ltd. customers can expect to reap the rewards of strategic manufacturing facilities, in Europe, USA and the Far East.

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