Trusted features across the gorilla broom range.

The Heads.
  • 50 CM Head

    The grafter! Trusted favourite for all.

    Designed with the built in scraper blade

    Long, hard wearing bristle soaks 0% fluid.

    Super strong deep cavity screw fit joint.

    Anti-clog channel, so you can work faster.

    Wide 50cm head for large areas.

    Standard universal screw fit

    Great for stables, building sites, warehouses, barns, almost anywhere!

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  • 30 CM Head

    The little brother! Great multi purpose 30CM size.

    Anti- clog channel, holds onto less debris

    Built in scraper blade, for shifting stuck on dirt

    Great for using indoors & general purpose.

    Long hard plastic bristle soaks 0% fluid.

    Standard universal screw fit

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  • Poly Scrub Brush

    The rough one!

    Save bending and scrub whilst standing up!

    Soaks 0% fluid

    Short and tough tightly packed bristle for deep scrubbing action.

    Great for patios, decking and more!

    Standard universal screw fit

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  • Poly Yard Broom Head

    The finisher!

    A cut down light weight version of a traditional corn broom.

    Flared hard bristle for great coverage.

    Narrow profile for getting into tight spots.

    Great for kitchens, yards, pathways and more.

    Standard universal screw fit

    Soaks 0% fluid

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  • Work Brush

    Pint sized but powerful

    Short hard bristles

    Rounded design for small spaces

    Great for boots, clothing tools.

    Storage hook for easy storing.

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The Handles.
  • A firm favourite, hi visibility yellow handle

    Easy screw fit thread fits all the heads in the range

    Hook for hanging & storing

    Ergonomic grip

    Strong steel core and plastic coating for weather resistance.

    Professional silver colour finish

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  • Bright pistachio colour easy to find!

    Hanging hook for convenient storage

    Ergonomic grip for reliable use

    Steel core and plastic coating for durability

    Universal screw thread to fit all heads in the range

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  • Purple colour grip & tip

    Hanging hook for easy storage

    Steel core and plastic coating for strength and durability

    Universal screw thread fits all the heads in the range

    Ergonomic grip for comfortable use

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  • Vibrant pink colour, great in stables!

    Hanging hook for storage

    Ergonomic grip for comfortable use

    Universal screw thread fits all the heads in the range.

    Steel core handle and plastic coating for strength and longer use.

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Gorilla Broom Gallery.

Gorilla Broom Reviews

  • Having given these Gorilla brooms a go I really can’t fault them in any respect, and I certainly can’t see myself returning to the heavy wooden heads. These brooms are not expensive, so there is nothing to hold them back. No doubt, like Gorilla Tubs they will have their imitators but, like the tubs, making them strong enough to stand up to building site use. These are serious tools.
    Roger Bisby – Professional builder Magazine.

About Gorilla Broom

Gorilla Brooms® are part of a larger range that includes world famous Gorilla Tubs®, and Gorilla shovel®. Gorilla brooms were established in the equestrian sector years ago, and are still renowned for ease of use and getting the job done properly! The range has expanded into five specialized heads four coloured handles and a hand held brush so you can conquer more cleaning jobs than ever before.Every product in the range is built to the same exact standards, with super strong handles, comfort grips, unique features and a professional silver finish, there really is no comparison to the worlds best; Gorilla Broom®