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The Gorilla Shovel™ Brand

The Gorilla Shovel™ took the market by surprise when launched in late 2014. When you first hear the term “Plastic Shovel” you’re not expecting something quite like this!

The Gorilla Shovel™ is a solid, single piece plastic shovel made from a very thick, high quality plastic which will be sure to do the same job as any other shovel, if not better!

Products by Gorilla Shovel™

The Gorilla Shovel™ brand consists of a single solid plastic shovel:

– Hi-Viz
– Non Rusting
– Non-Sparking
– Super-Strong Plastic
– Durable, High Grade Plastic
– Weather Resistant
– Strong Beyond Words

We manufacture our Gorilla Shovel™ products from a high grade plastic and comply with all EU manufacturing standards.

Below are details on each size, the colours they come in.

Gorilla Shovel™

Gorilla Shovel™

The Gorilla Shovel™ is a solid plastic shovel that is strong beyond words.

Designed for builders, this hard-hitting shovel can put up with any task in any weather!

Weight 1.2kg
Capacity N/A
Dimensions (Aprox) L: 101cm Blade: 31cm
Available Colours Yellow
Common Uses Shovelling, Mixing and pretty much anything else you can use a shovel for!