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Tubtrugs® is the mother brand by FCL. Known worldwide, Tubtrugs® has been seen as the market leader in flexible tubs. Today the brand has diversified with several new lines of useful products to be used by many.


Tubtrugs® Flexible

After the Tubtrugs® Original came the Tubtrugs® Flexible. A truly diverse product, the Tubtrugs® Flexible is a tough and reliable flexible plastic tub that is food grade, child-safe, non-toxic and much stronger than many copies.


Tubtrugs Cesto®

A swing from the 60’s! – The Tubtrugs® Cesto is a flexible, plastic basket created from an original  60’s mould. From shopping to clothes, this stylish, food grade, non-toxic basket is perfect to look good doing day-to-day tasks!


Tubtrugs Original®

Celebrating 20 years  of service, the Tubtrugs® Original are the very first line of Tubtrugs® we ever released, still made to the same specification as they were back in the day! These tubs are a tougher than the Tubrugs® Flexible


Gorilla Tub®

Know a tradesmen? Ask them what a Gorilla Tub® is and they’ll point out their own right away! Perhaps the most useful tool to any trade worker, the Gorilla Tub® is strong, hi-viz & uv/frost/weather resistant.


Gorilla Broom®

Strong & reliable, you can find a Gorilla Broom® in almost every stable across the UK & even across the world! The Gorilla Broom® range has several inter-changeable heads that all fit the same, coloured handles.


Gorilla Shovel™

From the brand that brought every building site the Gorilla Tub®, we proudly present the Gorilla Shovel™. This is a super-strong, hi-viz plastic shovel that will truly impress anyone with its incredibly sturdiness.


Tyre Rubber™

A brand close to our hearts, Tyre Rubber™ was the very first line of products to be released by us way back in 1981. These products are made from recycled tyres and can be kicked & squashed then pop back to its original shape.



The Wm.Faulks® brand hosts a range of tools of superior quality. From fencing to stable tools, you can be sure to receive a lifetime companion with anything from the Wm.Faulks® range.



The Multi-Bin™ brand is a range of tough bins for general household and industrial waste. With various different sizes and locking lids available, these outdoor and indoor bins are tough and reliable.