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The Tubtrugs® Cesto Brand

The Tubtrugs® Cesto brand backs a truly fantastic line of products as a second line to our Tubtrugs® Flexible range.

Tubtrugs® Cesto holds a small range of flexible baskets; they are a real swing from the 60’s as they are created from an original 60’s mould!

Products by Tubtrugs® Cesto

Tubtrugs® Cesto contains a 60’s basket in 3 different colours and drainer basket in 1 colour. These products feature:

– Food Grade
– Non-Toxic
– Child Safe
– Animal Safe
– Frost/UV Resistant
– Flexible yet Very, Very Strong
– 100% Phalate Free

We manufacture our Tubtrugs® Cesto from a low density polyethylene and comply with all EU manufacturing standards.

Below are details on each size, the colours they come in and some of the common uses for them.

Tubtrugs® Cesto Basket

Tubtrugs® Cesto Basket

The Tubtrugs® Cesto Basket is a stylish addition to any bag collection.

A swing from the 60’s, this sexy, flexible basket is made from an original 60’s mould to keep with that vintage style

Weight 0.5kg
Capacity N/A
Dimensions (Aprox) W: 50cm H: 30cm Dia: 26cm
Available Colours Purple, Pink, Pistachio
Common Uses Shopping Basket, Laundry Basket, Handbag & endless other applications
Tubtrugs® Cesto Drainer

Tubtrugs® Cesto Drainer

Unlike the Tubtrugs® Cesto Basket, the Tubtrugs® Cesto Drainer has a much sturdier build however still retains its flexible properties.

Weight 0.5
Capacity N/A
Dimensions (Aprox) H: 20.5cm Dia: 34cm
Available Colours Graphite
Common Uses Strainer, Fruit Collecting, Washing Dishes & endless other applications