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The Tubtrugs® Brand

The Tubtrugs® brand is the real heartbeat of FCL, the centrepiece of a huge operation.

Tubtrugs® is a name known right across the globe. What started out as a simple flexible tub has grown into a range of products that expand beyond that with other sub-brands including:

– Tubtrugs® Flexible
– Tubtrugs® Original
– Tubtrugs® Cesto

Each of the Tubtrugs® brands carries its own line of high quality products which are available to order, day or night via our Online Trade Warehouse.

Products by Tubtrugs®

We have further developed other products under the Tubtrugs® brand including:

– Tubtrugs® Tubtops
– Tubtrugs® Dripfeed
– Tubtrugs® Shovel
– Tubtrugs® Autowater
– Tubtrugs® Cutsafe
– Tubtrugs® Stir-up
– Tubtrugs® Hoof Picks (Coming Soon)
– Tubtrugs® Windcharms (Coming Soon)
– Tubtrugs® Pet Beds (Coming Soon)

All of our products are high quality and long lasting. If it carries the Tubtrugs® stamp then you can be sure you have a genuine Tubtrugs® product.

Below are some information on the products that lay under the Tubtrugs® brand.

Tubtrugs® Tubtops

Tubtrugs® Tubtops

Tubtrugs® Tubtops are a range of lids and covers that fit snugly onto our Tubtrugs® Flexible products.

These products make it easy to stack Tubtrugs® on one another and keep bits out of whatever is in your Tubtrug®!

Weight 0.04kg – 0.4kg
Capacity N/A
Available Colours Graphite, Translucent, Pink, Purple
Common Uses Covering up your Tubtrugs® Flexible!
Tubtrugs® Dripfeed

Tubtrugs® Dripfeed

Tubtrugs® Dripfeed is a horse feed / treat ball that will keep any horse entertained for hours on end!

Watch the video below for more information on this line of products.

Weight 0.7kg
Capacity N/A
Available Colours Pink, Purple, Blue, Red
Common Uses Keeping horses entertained!
Tubtrugs® Shovel

Tubtrugs® Shovels

Tubtrugs® Shovel is a solid, single piece plastic shovel made from a very thick, high quality plastic which will be sure to do the same job as any other shovel, if not better!

Weight 1.2kg
Capacity N/A
Available Colours Grey, Purple, Pistachio, Pink, Red, Sky Blue
Common Uses Shovelling!

Tubtrugs® Autowater

Tubtrugs® Autowater

Tubtrugs® Autowater automatically keeps a constant fresh supply of water for your pets and livestock.

It can work from either a hosepipe or a bottle and works constantly and automatically.

Weight N/A
Capacity N/A
Available Colours Natural
Common Uses Cats, dogs, rabbits, livestock, farmyard