Shovels & Spades

Gorilla Shovel (Yellow)

Made from one piece of light weight durable Polypropylene, this shovel features a wide blade to shift more with minimal effort. Well-balanced design makes it ideal for debris, rubble and sand. 

£16.99 Ex Tax: £14.16

Open Socket Square Mouth Shovel - Wm.Faulks®

This well-balanced, Square Mouth Shovel is ideal for shifting debris, snow and ice from your driveway. 

£12.99 Ex Tax: £10.83

PP Grain Shovel with Hardwood Shaft (Grey Head) - Wm.Faulks®

This well-balanced, traditional grain shovel is ideal for debris, snow and mucking out the stable. Its polypropylene head makes shovelling easy and minimal effort as it's lighter than other typical shovels. 

£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

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